The Secret Behind Our Spellbinding Bespoke Rings

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Round or oval? Sapphire or diamond? Feeling swamped by the sea of choices for engagement rings? You’re not alone. But fret not. At Oval + Pear, there’s nothing we haven’t experienced before. So we thrive on making your ring shopping a snap.

Whether it’s choosing between a classic round or a daring marquise, or picking a gem that not only shines but speaks to you – we’re here to simplify the whole shebang.

Here’s a peek into how we make your bespoke dreams happen.

Your Oval + Pear Consultation:

Share Your Ideas

Unsure where to start? No stress. Our initial chat is all about uncovering your dream design – even if you’re not quite sure what it is yet. We’ve got a knack for teasing out your perfect ring vibe. Like ring detectives – equipped with magnifying glasses – we ask all the right questions to draw out your vision.

Gemstone First, Design Second

We’re all about the gem. So we’ll say that again – we’re all about the gem. This gemstone-first approach ensures your stone shines brightest – crafting the ring’s design to complement its glory. Why? Because we believe the gemstone is the absolute heart of your ring – like the real centrepiece. Really.

Some Of The Crucial Things We’ll Cover:

There you have it – the secret’s out. Our bespoke process is designed to be as individual as you are, turning the daunting into the delightful.

Ready to start crafting your dream ring? Book a free, no-strings-attached consultation and let’s get cracking.

Looking for a ring of your own?

View our full range of Ready to Ship Rings, design your own via our Signature Settings or by browsing our Available Gems, or if you're looking for something even more custom view our Bespoke process and book a consultation.

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