Responsibility & Ethical Statement

At the heart of Oval + Pear beats a fierce commitment to doing things right. As a female-powered and family-run gem in the vast sea of big businesses, we’re all about reflecting those values every step of the way.

Our Ethical Partnerships

We team up with Chemgold, a like-minded family affair that shines in the world of precious metals. As proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), they’re all about eco-conscious bling, guaranteeing their treasures are free from the shadows of human rights abuses, environmental havoc, and, frankly, anything that makes the world a worse place.

Australian Sapphires: Small Scale, Big Impact

Our Aussie sapphires are handpicked from the local legends who mine and cut them. Opting for small-scale miners and family-run cutters isn’t simply a choice—it’s our pledge to quality over quantity. While it might mean our collection is a tad more curated, we sleep better knowing it’s the right kind of brilliant.

Our Journey to Sustainability

Let’s be real: claiming to be sustainable and ethical isn’t a set-and-forget deal, but rather a never-ending work in progress. Here’s what’s on our agenda for 2024 and beyond:

  • Lab Diamonds: We’re setting our sights on making all our small diamond stock lab-created by the end of 2024. This is because science rocks, and so does the planet.
  • Traceable Mined Diamonds: For those natural sparklers, we’re talking traceable sources only. Think Canadian diamonds waving the Canada mark logo or those from the Argyle mine, guaranteeing that crystal-clear conscience.
  • Sri Lankan Adventures: We’re hitting the road to Sri Lanka to get up close and personal with our sapphire sources. And we’re even flirting with the idea of synthetic sapphires—because who doesn’t love options?

In the world of Oval + Pear, we’re constantly on the move, looking for ways to do better, for you and for our beautiful planet. Got questions or concerns about our approach? Let’s chat. We’re here to ensure you find exactly what you’re searching for, aligning perfectly with your values too.

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