Our Story

Make no mistake. Perfection doesn’t come from being flawless. It comes from capturing your own essence, unmistakably. Led by Teagan Flynn—gemmologist, designer, and dreamer—at Oval + Pear, we’re redefining what it means to shine.

Tired of the endless sea of cookie-cutter white diamonds set in white gold? Absolutely. That’s why we plunge headfirst into the world of living colour—to bring out the loud, proud, and most mesmerising gemstones that dare to stand out.

Searching for a ring as special as your love story? Want a gem’s natural charm to do the talking? We’re your crew. Powered by a fearless team of women, our design process is an unintimidating celebration of creativity, ideas, and pure joy.

Frankly, we get our rocks off weaving a little magic into every couple’s story, crafting jewellery that’s remarkable AND meaningful. Because really, they’re not just rings. They’re itty-bitty love stories set in stone (and gold and…you get the drift). And in a world too oversaturated with tradition, we champion every shade of love.

Every stone, every setting, is your ticket to shine different—showing off your sparkle, your way.

What We Do

Specialists in Australian sapphires, our gems are lovingly handpicked from a close-knit community of miners, family-run ventures, and artisan cutters. From there, our global reach expands into the vibrant gem markets of Sri Lanka, home to the rarest sapphire shades—from peach to cinnamon, and every hue in between.

As for diamonds, we work with both mined and lab-created, curating options to dazzlingly complement your showpiece.

At the heart of Oval + Pear beats a fiery passion for bespoke beauty that’s as distinctive as you. Tori, Teagan, and Nicole—our dynamic design trio—blend traditional craftsmanship with the latest cutting-edge design to craft rings that don’t only decorate hands, but echo hearts.

Think of us as your creative confidants, up for anything. Because we’re melding whatever you envisage into a custom piece of art that fits like a glove, obvs—and tells your story like no other.

So, you up for the fun? Start with a consultation and together, let’s carve out your own dreamy, drool-worthy piece of history.

Meet the Team


Teagan Flynn

Our Founder and Gemmologist, Teagan boasts a vibrant background in fashion, jewellery design, and business. Certified as a gemmologist in 2019, she now proudly embraces her inner rock nerd. She’s deeply passionate about making the bespoke ring design process as friendly, educational, and fun as possible. She revels in the thrill of the treasure hunt, always in search of that extra special gem—or bigger rocks too —whether hiking forests, mountains, or soaking up those horizon views.


Nicole Lane

With a decade of experience under her belt, Nicole is a jeweller and jewellery designer of exceptional merit. Holding an Advanced Diploma in Goldsmithing, Nicole’s expertise covers all aspects of ring production up to the setting stages. Known for her immaculate attention to detail and hawk-like eyesight, she’s hardworking, passionate and dedicated to her craft. Always the best-dressed member of our team, she’s a devoted dog mum to Olive and Basil, and an absolute sucker for true crime and reality TV.


Tori Borcsok

Our bright and warm design consultant, Tori holds an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design. A Procreate wizard, she excels at bringing your design visions to life. From your initial consultation to your gem selection, through to the final ring design—she’s there to guide you through every step. Tori loves a bit of magic, a bit of a bush doof, and is a proud dog Mum to the wild and wonderful, Jupiter.


Madaline Rielly

Mads is the team’s beacon of calm and fun. She’s renowned for her friendliness, quickly befriending everyone from TNT drivers to locals in the street. With a Bachelor of Arts and an honours thesis in Philosophy, Mads oversees the production of your ring, coordinating closely with Nicole and our diamond setter to perfect every little detail. A lover of op shop treasures and endless cups of tea (that she never finishes), Mads also enriches our team with her insightful social and political intelligence and sophisticated communication skills.


Sarah Castles

You may have seen Sarah’s lovely face on Instagram, as she’s the absolute ka-ween of socials. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing, she ensures you’re always well-informed, and never short on drool-worthy ring inspiration. Away from the ‘gram, she loves diving into romance novels and listening to Taylor Swift. Currently penning her own novel, there’s seriously nothing this content whizz can’t do.

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