Forget that silly old-school rule. Spend what feels right for you. With rings starting at $2,000, we prove stunning doesn’t have to mean splurging. Dive into bespoke from $5,000 or find your gemstone-ring combo starting at $2,500 plus gem cost.

No way! We’re all about the gemstone game. Think of Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire, now gracing Duchess Kate’s hand. Or consider Emma Stone’s elegant Akoya pearl, Katy Perry’s vibrant ruby, and Halle Berry’s exquisite emerald. We’d like to say there are no rules, but there are considerations we’d like to chat through to ensure a gemstones durability matches how you will wear it.

Yep, we’re on board with both. They might not be in stock, but we’re ready to source or order in for you.

Certainly, sourcing ethical stones is within our wheelhouse. We primarily work with Australian sapphires, known for their traceability and sourced from small-scale miners and cutters. We understand that “ethical” varies in meaning for each individual, so we tailor our approach accordingly. During your consultation, let us know if ethical sourcing is a priority for you, and we’ll commit to finding a gem that meets your standards. Don’t hesitate to initiate a chat to navigate the complex ethics of gemstone sourcing – it’s rarely cut and dry.

Check out our Responsibility and Ethical Statement here.

Definitely, a lot of gemstones aren’t suitable for rings. Diamonds are renowned for their hardness, making them exceptionally scratch-resistant. Our role is to help you select a gemstone that not only suits your style but is also durable enough for everyday wear.

The most scratch-resistant gems are those ranking above quartz on the MOHs hardness scale, including Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Spinels, Garnets, Tourmalines, and Zircons. However, durability isn’t just about hardness – there are other considerations we can explore during your consultation. For a deeper dive into the MOHs hardness scale and what it means for your choice of gemstone, click here.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but we don’t work with opals, moss agate or moonstone as these gems are too soft for everyday wear in rings.

“Bespoke” is simply a fancy term for a custom-made/tailor-made ring process. It’s where we dive deep to source the perfect gem for you, blending size, shape, colour, and clarity to match your dreams. Our design process is tailored to your style and preferences, with a trio of in-house designers ready to bring your vision to life. Even the gems on our site can spark a bespoke creation. Think of it as customising your sparkle.

Choose from our cherry-picked gemstones (yes, they’re even cooler in person – book a studio visit!). Pair your gem with a signature setting for instant personalisation. This route lets you play designer without sweating all the bespoke details. Just pick your gold, size, and diamond-type (lab or mined, your call). Craving more customisation? Bespoke’s got you covered.

Not all gems fit every setting – think of it as finding the right dance partner. Check the setting page as a guide or hit us up at [email protected] for the perfect match.

Sure thing! Snap up your gem online to secure it for up to 6 months. If you’re not quite ready to start your ring journey, we got your back. For a pre-visit hold, just reach out.

Absolutely! Our gems love the spotlight solo, or jazzed up in one of our signature settings. Your ring, your rules.

We get it. That’s what we’re here for. Our initial consultation is designed to ease you into the process, helping unveil what you’re truly looking for in an engagement ring. Trust us, you probably already have more of an idea of what you want than you think.

Custom creations take about 6-8 weeks post-design approval. The full journey from consultation to delivery ranges from 3-6 months. Got a timeline? Tell us, and we’ll work out the nitty-grittys to meet it.

A bespoke Oval + Pear ring starts at $5,000 AUD with the average cost being $6,500.00

After your free initial consultation and decision to proceed, we ask for a 50% deposit. The balance is due upon delivery, with flexible payment plans available. Pay via direct deposit or credit card (note: 1.65% surcharge for cards).

Indeed! Post-deposit, we can arrange a payment plan over 6 months. We also offer PayPal Pay in 4 for online purchases.

The sooner, the better, especially if you have a proposal date in mind. Ideally book in 6 months before the big question is perfect timing.

Absolutely! Choose a face-to-face meeting or a virtual chat during booking. We’re all about making it work for you, no matter where you are.

Yes, we do, on a case-by-case basis, starting from $3,000. Got a family gem? Let’s chat about its new life.

Sure, we’d love to see it. After a quick inspection, we’ll let you know if we can craft your dream ring with it. Note: we can’t take liability for external gems.

No worries! We start with a video chat and keep the process going via email. We ship fully insured across Australia, making distance no barrier to bespoke beauty.

Find us in the heart of Footscray, just outside of Melbourne’s CBD. We’re appointment-only, so be sure to book your spot when it’s convenient.

Yes, indeed! From custom wedding bands to just-because rings, we craft pieces priced between $1,200 and $3,000.

Need it done faster? Sure, we offer an expedited service with a rush fee for orders needing quicker turnaround than our standard timelines – under 10 weeks for our bespoke process and under 8 weeks for Design Your Own. Please mention any tight deadlines during your initial consultation.

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