1.85ct Fancy Oval Cut Blue Parti Australian Sapphire


THE EDGE OF GLORY. A fancy oval cut sapphire with a faceted girdle for an edgy, geometric feel.  This teal parti is a perfect size for a solitaire or woudl dazzle with side diamonds. Tough enough to survive an apocalypse (or at least to wear on the daily), kickstart your love story with this blade-edged beauty.


You are purchasing the GEM ONLY, you can bring this gem to life with one of our signature settings


The Shiny Details

Cut: Fancy Oval Cut
Weight: 1.85ct
Dimensions: 8.72 x 6.66mm

Origin: Australian
Clarity: Eye clean

Lapidary/Gem Cutter: Unknown
Treatments: Heated
Certification: Available on request


Please note: This is a solo purchase—gem only. You can pair it with one of our signature settings below to bring your dream ring to life.




Oval + Pear provides a one-year warranty on all of our jewellery from the date of sale. If any issues arise in the first year, we will repair your piece free of charge.

Colour Disclaimer

Whilst we have done our utmost best to capture the true colour of this gem it’s important to keep in mind gemstones colours can appear different depending on the circumstance. Different lighting conditions, depending which direction you are viewing the gem, depending who is viewing the gem (we all have different eyeballs and can see colour differently), and depending on your screen colour resolutions.


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