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A bespoke engagement ring

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From Apatite to Zoisite, we're making it easy to create your dream engagement ring. We take a gemmology focused approach to educate and source the perfect stone - then we'll pop it in your dream ring.

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What Oval + Pear does...

Everything you need to create the perfect engagement ring

Gemstone Sourcing

We know our four C's but our expertise extends beyond diamonds to the brilliant world of coloured gemstones. Our certified gemmologist cuts through the BS to find the your super special stone.

Guidance, Knowledge + Expertise

We are here to educate and guide you through the process. We have industry insider knowledge and will give you facts not marketing and sales pitches.

Jewellery Design

We help you design the ring. You can use one of your own designs, or we can create something together. Everything starts with hand drawn sketches. We then work with our industry partners to produce computer renderings, castings and hand finished rings. Our partners are small, local and family owned businesses within Australia

Work within all budgets

We have created bespoke rings from $2,000 to $40,000. We pride ourselves on creating masterpieces within any budget


What our clients are saying...

Matt Kendall

Hornsby, NSW

"Oval and Pear are experts at attention to detail., Teagan gets to the core of what you want and delivers on that with quality. You know you’ll get the best gem - Teagan will be honest if the gem isn’t up to her standards. Amazing value for money and bespoke".

Michael Jones

North Sydney, NSW

"Hands down best way to design a ring that you are truly comfortable with and will fill the dreams of your partner. Especially if you have no idea where to start”.

Tim Penman

Sydney, NSW

"You clearly knew your rocks and took a real interest in learning about the style Michelle and I were after" .

Luke Jeffery

Wollongong, NSW

"My Aunty saw the ring and says she wants to get married again just so she can have a ring like Steph's. She loves it!" 

Scott Tutton

Melbourne, VIC

"The whole process was just so relaxed, yet I knew I had expertise to call on at any time I needed. Teagan takes the time to understand the whole story and will work with you to deliver the dream ring — You’ll certainly not regret it! I’m just so appreciative of the support that was provided and couldn’t be happier with the result." 

Michael Hutchinson

London, UK

"Most importantly, she loves the ring! And so do I. So thank you very much for all your efforts during this process. We are both so appreciative."

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How long does it take to create a bespoke ring?

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