8 Things You Need To Know Before Designing Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

Hola its Teagan here form Oval + Pear. We wanted to give you an insight into the Oval + Pear bespoke process. We have done all the thinking for you. This handy 8-point list will help you focus your energy where it's needed most. We think this is especially helpful for those aiming for a big surprise proposal. You are welcome! 

1. Budget

Do you know how much you want to spend? Firstly we start off with asking about the budget. Why? Not because we care about how much you want to spend but because this will help us guide you through the rest of your specifications. For example if your budget was $2,500, and you want a 1 carat Diamond engagement ring that is internally flawless and D-colour, then we need to have a serious conversation...... (Psst, try a white sapphire!) Just a heads up team, you don't need to be spending 3 months salary on a ring. This was just very good marketing campaign ran by De Beers back in the day. It's total BS, well good marketing, same thing right?

2. What Gemstone?

Once we have a good understanding of your budget, we can start thinking about the stone. Is it a diamond you want? Or are you after something more unique like a Tanzanite, Pink Morganite or Blue Aquamarine? We can guide you on what gemstones are hard enough to withstand daily wear and tear and other important details. Oval + Pear has a range of Gemstone stock on hand, alternatively we luuuuuurrrvvvveeeee sourcing one-of-a-kind stones. That's kind of our thing :)

3. Gold or Metal

What do you want us to make this bad boy out of? Gold? Righto then: yellow, white or rose? Or maybe you are thinking about platinum. We will help you with the pros and cons of each. We advise that you choose a metal that your significant other commonly wears, so start taking notice! 
Most Australian fine jewellery is made in 18k purity of gold, but if you are budget conscious we can look at 14k options too.

4. Stone Size

Once we have an idea of what stone you would like then you can think about size of the stone. How many carats? Or more correctly in the case of gemstones, what dimensions are you thinking? If you are going for a solitaire setting, we suggest looking at at least a 1 carat or 6mm stone just for impact alone. This is the big proposal after all so you want it too feel special, and let's be honest sometimes size does matter! But also, if the lucky recipient has teeny tiny hands, you might want to re-think that massive statement piece!! Sometimes 1 carat of diamonds is just too much bling for delicate little hands.

5. Stone Shape

Start to think about the shape of the stone. The images below (courtesy of highlight some of the popular shapes. Follow the link for a detailed article about the pros and cons of each shape. Round Brilliant is by far the most popular stone shape, making up almost 80% of engagement ring sales. So if you want something unique, consider some of the other shapes. Our favourites are of course the Oval and the Pear shapes.

6. Overall Aesthetic

Once you have a rough outline of the above, then you can start thinking about the overall aesthetic of the ring. This is the style or how the ring will look and feel. Are you thinking vintage vibes with milgrain details or a halo? (Dw, I'll slow it down when we have our first chat.) Or a minimalist setting to let the stone shine? This is when you really want to think about your significant other and their personal style. What clothes do they wear, what decorating style do they like? There are often many linkages between these things that will help indicate what type of band they might like. If you are at a loss you can always ask friends, siblings or Mum and Dad.

7. Proposal Timelines

Do you have a goal or date of which you want to propose? If you have a holiday next month and you want to propose then, this may not be enough time to get a bespoke piece made. Usually the entire process from first consultation to getting the ring in your hands can take a little bit of time. At Oval + Pear once the design is finalised we aim to have the ring in your hands in just 4 weeks.

8. Ring Size

The ring size is hard to get right if you don't know it. Our number one tip is to ask a friend, Mum or sister who tends to know these details. If not our ring sizing guide may help if you can steal another ring and suss it out. 

If you still have no idea on any of the above then reach out to us for an initial consultation. It's free and there is no obligation to purchase with us. We just love helping clients discover their dream ring and love a collaboration where we can work together to create something magical.