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Your Ring Guardian Angels Empowering You To Create Your Dream Ring Designed To Get A F**k YES!

A personalised yet simplified process, influenced by your partner’s story, where we custom source any gemstone and design a ring together. Create a bespoke engagement ring with your own personal designer and certified gemmologist (aka ring guardian angel!)

Oval + Pear's Bespoke Process

The Bespoke Process

From Apatite to Zoisite, we're making it easy to create your dream engagement ring. We take a gemmology focused approach to source the perfect stone, whilst educating you in the process - then we'll pop it in your dream ring.

1. Tell Us About You

Book a consultation to discuss your needs, budget and timelines. We want to get to know you! Consultations are carried out at our home studio with Teagan Flynn, a certified gemmolgist. We also offer video and phone consultation.

2. The Perfect Gemstone

Finding your perfect gemstone can be tricky. Working with a gemmologist means you'll be guided by an expert in the trade. Whether you want a diamond, a coloured stone, or one that's ethical and conflict free. We are here to help!

3. Design Collab

After some initial hand sketches based on our first consultation, your design is turned into a computer render. This is a collaborative process where you have unlimitied revisions. It is importatnt to us that the design is right.

4. Leave It To Us

We collaborate with a network of Australian trade jewellers and casting houses to produce your ring. Your ring is always hand finsihed and set. Once production has started it is expected your ring will be finished in 6-8 weeks.

5. Your Ring Is Ready

Your bespoke creation is now ready! Pick up can be arranged from our home studio in Melbourne or shipped anywhere in the world. Rings come with complimentary sizing and a 1 year repair warranty. We also do custom wedding rings!

If you think Oval + Pear's personal yet simple bespoke process will help you create the ring of your dreams then, please schedule a call below.

If you are ready to create your own bespoke engagement ring, please schedule a call below.

Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Engagement Ring

Jewellery Design

We help you design the ring. Everything starts with hand drawn sketches. We then work with our local partners to produce computer renderings, castings and hand finished rings.

Gemstone Sourcing

We know our four C's, but our expertise extends beyond diamonds to coloured gemstones. Our certified gemmologist cuts through the marketing bullsheet to source your special stone

Insider Knowledge

We are here to educate and guide you through the process. Working with a gemmologist means you get access to insider jewellery industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the gemstone industry. Which means better pricing and product knowledge passed on to you!

Any Budget

We have created bespoke rings from $4,000 to $40,000. We pride ourselves on creating masterpieces within any budget

If you believe Oval + Pear has everything you need to create your own bespoke engagement ring, hit us up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hell no! The 3 months salary myth is an incredibly effective marketing campaign created by DeBeers (a diamond mining company) back in the 1950's. It is just marketing, which has leaked into social norms. You spend whatever you feel comfortable and we will do out best to accommodate your budget. We offer a selection of reasonably priced rings based on your budget. Bespoke rings start from $4,000, where you design your ring from scratch. The petitos collection is priced from $1,000 to $2,000 and uses smaller stones.

Again, very much hell no! We are gemstone first kind of people. Princess Diana had a Sapphire, which now sits on Duchess Kate's finger. Emma Stone has an Akoya pearl, Katy Perry has a Ruby engagement ring and Halle Berry wears an emerald. DeBeers is again at play here, marketing to you that an engagement ring should be a diamond, this came into play around the 1950's too. Before this many proposals involved a simple band or no ring at all. People come in all colours, shapes and sizes...just like gemstones.

We can definitely source an ethical stone. Ethical can mean different things to different people so we address this on a case by case basis. In your consultation be sure to mention this is important to you and we will ensure to source you an ethical stone within your requirements. Feel free to reach out via chat to discuss the ethical landscape of gemstone sourcing, like most things in life it is not black and white.

Most definitely! Our initial consultation has been refined to ensure we ask the right questions to start to tease out what an engagement ring may look for you. Don't worry if you feel you have no idea about any of the elements we are here to guide you and support you through the design process. We find that more often than not, you already know what you want.

Nope! We are a gemmology led jewellery design business. We work with a network of trade jewellers, lapidaries (gemstone cutters), casting houses and diamond setters. There are lots of people involved to create a ring. Our network of suppliers are small businesses, local businesses and family owned. Everything is made within Australia. Oval + Pear starts with the stone - we then build from there.

6-8 weeks once your ring design has been confirmed. Initial consultation to delivery can take anywhere between 3 - 6 months, dependent on if you know what you want or if you need more guidance. We try and work within special timelines, if you are aiming to propose by a certain date please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. On average the overall process will take around 4 months.

Definitely, but most are perfectly ok to put in rings. It is true that diamonds are the hardest (and when we say hardest, we mean least resitant to scratches) gemstone. We are here to guide you on what stone is appropriate for long term ring wearing and the best setting to protect your stone for many lifetimes. The best and least resitant to scratching are those stones above quartz on the MOHs scale so think Diamonds, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Spinel, Garnets, Tourmaline, Zircon. There are other factors to consider apart from hardness as well which we can discuss in your consultation. If you would like to learn more about the MOHs hardness scale click here.

The average cost of a bespoke ring from Oval + Pear is $4,000 AUD

Your initial consultation is free, after which you will receive 3-5 gemstone options plus quotes and 10 + hand drawn ring designs. There are no obligations after this but if you would like to proceed with the process we take a $500 deposit after the initial consultation followed by a 50% payment once you have chosen your gemstone, the balance is paid on delivery.

We are more than happy to accommodate any custom payment plan too, so please just ask us.

You can choose to pay via direct deposit or credit card, do be adivsed credit cards do add on a surcharge.

The bespoke process takes around 16 weeks on average, but it's always best to have more time! You can book in anytime you like but around 6 months before you are intending to propose or when you would like the ring is a great time to book in.

Consultations are conducted anyway you like. When you follow the link to book a consultation you have the choice to book in a face to face visit at my home studio, or a video call/phone call. 80% of consultations are conducted online so the whole process can be done virtually if you live interstate or overseas.

At this stage this is not a service we offer. Part of our unique process is sourcing and educating you about gemstones. It is best to go direct to your local jeweller if you have some gems you would like set.

We can have an initial consultation over video chat to get to know your needs then the process can be continued over email. 80% of my clients never physically visit my home studio.

I am located in Footscray, just outside of Melbourne CBD in Victoria, Australia. I have a small home studio where I see my clients but mostly my process is carried out via phone calls and emails.

Yes we make custom wedding bands too! These are generally between $1200 and $2,500.

We also make anniversay/eternity rings, mother rings, baby angel rings and just cause rings!

Bespoke rings start from $4,000 with the average ring costing $5,000. Our aim is to work within the budget you set for us. Check out the petitos collection for rings from $1,000.


2ct White Sapphire + Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Matt Kendall

Hornsby, NSW
"Oval and Pear are experts at attention to detail., Teagan gets to the core of what you want and delivers on that with quality. You know you’ll get the best gem - Teagan will be honest if the gem isn’t up to her standards. Amazing value for money and bespoke".

Tim Penman

Sydney, NSW
"You clearly knew your rocks and took a real interest in learning about the style Michelle and I were after" .

Michael Jones

North Sydney, NSW
"Hands down best way to design a ring that you are truly comfortable with and will fill the dreams of your partner. Especially if you have no idea where to start”.

Luke Jeffery

Wollongong, NSW
"My Aunty saw the ring and says she wants to get married again just so she can have a ring like Steph's. She loves it!"